No Streaking!

NO Oranging!

Hi, I'm Liz!


I founded SunBlast Mobile Tanning and the SunBlast Tanning Training Program with long time best friend and colleague, Casey Bandy, in 2006.  I was the first mobile spray tan technician in the MidSouth, having built up a spray tan network of over 7,000 clients to this day!  I am also a licensed Airbrush/HVLP Spray Tanning Instructor, having trained most of the new technicians in my area, as well as out of state!  I use only top of the line solutions, offering a selection of tanning variety to meet each client's needs.

My father was a victim of skin cancer, dying from metastatic melanoma when I was only 19.  I have his skin type, and I understand the seriousness of what the sun can do to fair skin.  All of our technicians take this business VERY seriously.

Airbrush Tanning is quickly becoming the tanning method of choice. Contact Me to set up your appointment or tanning party today!

No Gossip Clause


We have become very close and have received personal information from several of our clients, that we promise this:
♥     We promise that we will not fail you as a technician or as a friend, and we will give you the best spray tan possible and help you maintain it.
♥     We promise you that through your skin and bones, fat and rolls; through spider veins and surgery scars; through hairy legs or sweaty pores, we promise this: WE DO NOT, and WILL NOT, judge you in any shape way or form, no matter what your shape or form is.
♥     With our “No Gossip” Privacy Clause, be assured that you never have to worry about anyone knowing your "body flaws" or anything else about you! What happens in these tents and rooms stays in these tents and rooms!  Big or Small, we have tanned it all!



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